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Visit Mega Cash, a seasoned and authorized pawnbroker in Marsden, who can offer you premium rates for your valuable used items. Sell your used goods for the best prices and walk away with instant cash in your hand. Trade Your Used Items at Mega Cash. Here, you can exchange pre-owned goods for top dollar and get immediate cash.

Mega Cash has the best prices for selling gold jewelry, scrap gold, or used items. If you have good second-hand things at home, they might be valuable.

No matter if it's nearly new or strange, you might be surprised at how it can earn you money.


Buy your pre loved second hand goods from Mega Cash Marsden.

The assortment of products in every section is remarkably extensive, and the employees in our Marsden store are compassionate, tactful, proficient, and well-informed.

Every item we sell comes with a guarantee, as we thoroughly examine them prior to offering them for sale. Our unique line of products sets us apart from traditional retailers, and the best part is that you can purchase them at significantly lower prices compared to brand new items.

Whether you are looking for electrical goods, games or jewellery we can help you save money.


Sell of Your Damaged, Discarded, or Unused Gold - Mega Cash is ready to purchase ANY GOLD.

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Trustworthy gold buyers in Marsden. Maximum cash against your gold jewellery. Simplest way selling that scrap gold.

Regardless of the type of gold you have - whether it's broken gold, scrap gold, damaged gold, or gold coins and jewellery, Mega Cash is ready to purchase it. You'll receive immediate cash for your gold!

Gold Bars and Coins Gold Bars and Coins Obtain cash by selling your gold coins and bars. The easiest way to selling your gold is with our certified professionals who offer the right assessment.

By trading your scrap or damaged gold to Mega Cash, you can easily obtain cash for gold when it's most needed. You can also receive money for any unwanted or peculiar gold items.

We purchase pre-owned high-end timepieces. Trade in your Rolex, Omega, Cartier, JLC, Patek Philippe, and other premium watches and receive immediate payment from a reliable purchaser.

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